How to Prime a Chalkboard

How to Prime a Chalkboard

Last updated Jan 10, 2022

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What is chalkboard paint?

Chalkboard paint is a special coating applied to almost any surface.

Using chalk, you can write on the coated surface and erase it at your convenience.

This article will show you how to prime a chalkboard so that you can start writing on it as soon as possible!

What does it mean to prime a chalkboard?

It means to paint or coat the chalkboard with a thin layer of primer, which will help the final layers stick better.

The primer allows for precise color and covers up any stains, dirt, rust spots, etc., that might be on the board's surface.

There are different types of primers on the market today made for use, specifically on chalkboards.

Generally speaking, they all work well and do not leave behind any residue that could damage your board later down the line.

Why do you need to prime a chalkboard?

Priming a chalkboard ensures that the surface is smooth and free of dust and dirt, which can interfere with your ability to write clearly on the board.

Primer also allows the paint to adhere more effectively, better coverage when painting over existing chalky messes or scuff marks.

Finally, priming provides an even base for your chalkboard paint, ensuring that the finished product will look professional.

How to prime a chalkboard

Remove all old paint or finish using sandpaper, mineral spirits, and rags.

You can also use steel wool if you want a smooth surface.

If there is any existing chalk on your board, make sure that it has been removed before priming the entire thing.

Clean the chalkboard using a clean rag and mineral spirits.

You can also use paint thinner if you don't have mineral spirits on hand.

Be very gentle when cleaning not to damage your board's surface.

Make sure that there is no dust, dirt, or anything else before applying primer for this step will be pointless.

Prime the entire raw surface with primer using a brush or roller for even coverage.

You can use a paint sprayer, although it is not recommended by experts since there are better things to do than rushing this step and getting an uneven finish in return which you will have to fix later on.

Do not let the first coat dry before applying more if you're applying several coats.

Allow the primer to cure for at least 24 hours before adding chalkboard paint.

You can use the entire surface with chalk once it has dried properly, although some people recommend waiting up to 72 hours so that you know how your board will hold onto the paint and what kind of problems you're likely to encounter if any.

How long until I can use my chalkboard after priming it?

Once you have finished applying the primer, allow it to dry for 24 hours before using chalk on your board.

If you find that the primer is not dry enough yet, just let it sit longer!

You do not need to wait until the product is entirely dry, but it should not stay tacky either.

You can apply a second coat of primer if you want once the first has completely dried.


The primer will help your paint adhere better to the board, which means you'll have a beautiful finished product with less chance of spillage or other issues.

If there are any areas where your paint doesn't seem smooth enough after it's dried?

Wait for another 24 hours and apply a second coat of primer before adding the final layers.

Depending on how thickly you applied the first layer, you can use your newly primed chalkboard as soon as it has fully cured in about 24-72 hours.

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